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Crowell Design LLC

Architectural Lighting Design

Residential Lighting

Crowell Design develops its projects in close collaboration with clients; our priority is to meet each client’s lighting design needs quickly, effectively, and within budget. We help create successful lighting plans by studying how clients function in their space, and maximizing aesthetics while instituting energy and cost savings.

Religious Spaces, Churches and Chapels

We excel in juxtaposing cutting edge lighting products along-side classic designs that are still in production today. We travel all over the world to review lighting exhibits and to explore trade shows. We are always discovering new ideas that give each project personality and interest.



Talk to and preferably meet with the client and determine their expectations and analyze the scope of the project.


Deliver design options in accordance with client’s expectations and budget, based on the initial meeting.


Suggest design options beyond the clients expectations based on our professional knowledge and expertise.


Interact with the architect, contractor, and other consultants to resolve aesthetic, construction, and installation issues.

“Lighting alters our perception of space. It can make small rooms feel spacious and vast places appear intimate. It is the essential ingredient that gives life to space.”

In business for 30 years in the Philadelphia region, Jim Crowell provides a wealth of experience and expertise to every project. He is present for every lighting installation and responsible for every layout. Jim is eager to share his knowledge with anyone who appreciates good design.

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