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Residential Lighting

Lighten up your kitchen, living areas, bedrooms and baths with state of the art LED lighting. You can control all the lighting in your house on your cell phone with wireless controls. We can help you navigate the confusing world of LED lighting.

Appropriate lighting can provide safety and security for you and your loved ones and keep the bad guys away!  Light up your patio and walkways to expand your outdoor spaces in warmer months and make it easier to get in and out of your home after dark in the cold winter months;  think of lighting up those snow covered trees at holiday time.

Thoughts on Residential Lighting

Proper lighting design gives focus and function to every room. If you have lived with inadequate lighting for too long, it is time to look at new lighting solutions.

Religious Spaces, Churches and Chapels

Illuminate your worship spaces with warm LED fixtures that reduce energy and operating costs.  Control lighting scenes that support the religious liturgy for a variety of services and provide adequate light for folks who need to read hymnals and prayer books.  Increase the spirituality and visual experience by highlighting architectural elements and details within.

Thoughts on Lighting Religious Spaces

The quality and a mix of natural and artificial light is so important when lighting sacred spaces.

Offices, Restaurants, and Commercial Spaces

The quantity and color of lighting is important today, even more so, with the introduction of LED light sources.  Restaurants should be successfully illuminated so you can read your menu, see your food, and like your dining experience.  Lighting is most crictical in office environments.  Computer areas should have good task lighting, no screen glare, and color temperature appropriate for multiple space use.  Individual controls will enhance workers productivity.

Custom Lighting

Custom lighting is not always expensive.  Sometimes a slight modification to an existing fixture will dramatically change the effect of lighting in the space.  The addition of architectural elements like ceiling coves will highlight architectural features and result in glare free environments.  The result is seeing the light in the space without seeing the fixture or source.  The decision to use custom lighting is part of the total lighting design process.

Lighting Your Art and Collections

If you’ve purchased expensive art including paintings, prints, and sculpture, then appropriate lighting will enhance the visual experience in your spaces.  Each medium requires a different approach to render the art work appropriately in a space;  the right color, intensity, and control of the fixtures.  Selecting lamp sources with no UV characteristics will protect the art work from deterioration and visual damage.

“Lighting alters our perception of space. It can make small rooms feel spacious and vast places appear intimate. It is the essential ingredient that gives life to space.”

In business for 30 years in the Philadelphia region, Jim Crowell provides a wealth of experience and expertise to every project. He is present for every lighting installation and responsible for every layout. Jim is eager to share his knowledge with anyone who appreciates good design.

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