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Lighting is ever changing, its technological advances moving almost as fast as the computer industry. New products, such as LED lamps, luminaires, ballasts, and controls, are just a small part of understanding lighting design. Each product has appropriate and inappropriate uses and applications. Understanding how, when, and where to use these products, how to specify them properly, how to meet building and energy codes, and how to be conscious of energy efficiency and regulations is what designers do best.

A lighting consultant will address all of the aspects of quality lighting design and specification, including:

Function – How one uses a space Mood – Color
Acuity – Ability to see detail Budget – Is it affordable?
Comfort – Level of Brightness Safety and Security
Aesthetics – Focus of Design Elements Energy Efficiency

The Process:

Interview client and determine their expectations.

Recommend and present design options in accordance with client’s expectations.

Recommend options beyond client’s expectations, based on professional expertise.

Interact with architect, contractor, and other design consultants in order to resolve aesthetic, construction, and installation issues.

Supervise all the elements of the process to a successful conclusion.